Humanizing Death

Have you ever wondered about death? The exact moment of death? That cusp between life and the after; when a soul crosses over into the other dimension or dissipates into nothingness forever?

It's pretty intimidating isn't it? Uncertainty. So much we don't know; that we really can't know with any sort of stability. This thought has been burdening my mind for about a year now, that I hold a summer long gore-fest on Netflix with my fiance, that ended with the very real and disturbing documentaries, Death Scenes: Part I and Death Scenes: Part II, accountable for... The content of these films were horrifying to say the least. I couldn't grasp how real it all was and how large of a discrepancy there existed between Hollywood flicks and the real deal. The extent to which I was desensitized, or so I had thought, due to being exposed to faux-gore since my love for horror movie's originated back when I was... five, maybe? I couldn't believe how raw this footage was... It was repulsive. I didn't expect to have the reaction I had to these film's in the slightest... I was sick with dread for these people, thinking about what was going through their minds just before death happened. How terrified they must've been... And it really opened my eyes for the first real time, to the fact that I am not invincible. And I too, will be confronted with the moment of death at one point in my life. It will no longer be me observing the passage through the dimensions, it will be me, the active passenger.

This scares the hell out of me.

And I swear I didn't have an issue with anxiety before I came to this realization... Some will attest to the belief that the creation of religion boils down to this very fear... And I think that's all right. If the believed influence of a higher being, a higher purpose and power, is sought and believed and can counsel people in times of despair, stress, anxiety, etc... Then right on. Why would anyone want to take that reassurance away from another? Destroying another humans hope source to fortify your own is ridiculous and exactly what is wrong with the world (observe every religious war since the dawn of... religion). Just let it be is what I say. Because in the end, what it boils down to is we're all scared...

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