I've been in Salzburg for a week and it's really incredible. The beauty is really overwhelming. We know the city well enough to navigate home and anywhere else completely Gazeboed. We're really enjoying ourselves. But I've also encountered some serious mental turmoil.
Today would have been my reception back in the states, so it's been a hell of a struggle staving off depression, then the ensuing guilt, when I'm so lucky to be in the most beautiful city I've ever visited I can't exactly justify being anything other than happy. But it still gets to me at times. I have an incredible roommate who radiates positive energy so that has been helpful and for that I am grateful. I'm really not trying to dwell on the negatives, but I am trying to reach this balance of sorts where I won't suffer a mental meltdown the next time I encounter a memory trigger. I guess it's about working through it...
Anyway, we went hiking in the German Alps on Wednesday and it was just incredible...
the people I've met, the experiences I've had and the things I've learned already is unreal. I'm so fortunate to be here and I can only wish everyone has the opportunity to experience this to some degree within their lifetime. It's an entirely different world over here.

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